Vamala by Champs

“Good album this. TUNE.”

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Good album this. TUNE.

edclarke 25 Aug 2015

Smooth yet sturdy, like stirring sand into syrup

Clarksojams 23 Mar 2015

I love it more every time I play it, thank you @laurenlaverne

Clara32 6 May 2015

🎶Wanna tell you now Baby, if I'm allowed maybe if I could teach you, All the things and all by now I really wanna beat the world...🎶 Heared this song right now the first time, and I think it's worth to make a JAM ...CHECK OUT!! ;-)   5

LoveCandy 1 May 2015

Can't remember how I stumbled on this, but glad I did.

lydjar 6 Jun 2015

the best of the bands we missed at the Forgotten Fields festival (note to self next time check out the bands BEFORE you go)

jdypepper 18 Aug 2015