“Not K-Pop, but this is for @Sk8j.”

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but japanfann was first  

Not K-Pop, but this is for @Sk8j.

rightwong 4 Jun 2015

It's the best

japanfann 9 Jul 2013

Ano ko ni naritai Sono ko ni naritai Narenai kara ganbarinasai!

saheela512 14 Apr 2015

just like, watch out enemies   2

TragicallyShojo 9 Jan 2014

Aah yes, let the anger flow. (Hee hee) BTW, a bonus for all my TIMJ friends below.   1

Marlboroman_Mat 1 Sep 2015

可愛い~ って言っちゃう主義

roxy 28 May 2014