The World (Is Going Up in Flames) by Charles Bradley

“Live from Coachella, April 10, 2015”

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Live from Coachella, April 10, 2015   4

TreesjeB 17 Apr 2015

Wonderful soulful singer with an amazing back story, finally breaking into the music industry in his 60s. Watch his documentary - Charles Bradley: Soul of America. Sorry I missed his recent Grand Rapids MI appearance but thanks for the introduction, Sarah Scott!   1

hve 11 Dec 2013

Feel Gooood!

lone_striker 5 Dec 2011

Cuz our world IS going up in flames! You fighting the fire, fiddling, or (godforbid) feeding the flames?

erichludwig 14 Aug 2014

This world is going up in flames and nobody wants to take the blame... #BonfireNight

AndyJoe83 5 Nov 2014

Charles Bradley. You do you man I love you

marinajenks 19 Apr 2015