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Hi all, we hope you've had a great weekend! This week's New Reels takes a look at this fabulous track and video, the 3rd collaboration between the Chemical Brothers and Michel Gondry. We think the whole thing is wonderful, and we hope you do too. :-)   4

MVD 11 May 2015

What a great song and album! Wow! They did it again!   4

laurafantyz 29 Jul 2015

This is rather a guilty pleasure as it sounds like the kind of thing I liked ten years ago, but I find myself listening to it several times a day.

Owlsoup 21 May 2015

2015   4

Axol 7 Aug 2015

I'm thinking Fritz Lang's Metropolis in this video; German Expressionism meeting Brutalist Architecture - but I don't know if I'd be right in that. Any thoughts to help me out in my ignorance, fellow jammers?   10

AlicejustMay 11 May 2015

Youtube won't let me play the video ... some new stuff is cool :D   1

i_r_paulus 25 Jul 2015