At Last I Am Free by Chic

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emmamjudkins 11 Mar 2014

Like David Toop said, sugar and poison.   3

tomewing 6 Mar 2013

#SundaySoother   5

cosmicdon 23 Feb 2014

Großartiger Abschluss des großartigen "Barbara" von Christian Petzold

thetruemilhouse 1 Apr 2012

Great watching Chic at Glastonbury on the I-Player, who need the Stones when you've got Nile? I love this ballad, I prob prefer Robert Wyatt's version, it's such a great song. I hung with Nile in Toronto when I was 21, long time ago!   1

creepingbent 30 Jun 2013

Great doc about a great musician inspired this great underappreciated and untypical (of him) jam.   3

theeequaliser 1 Apr 2013