Driving Home for Christmas by Chris Rea

“Flying - not driving - but the sentiments are the same *squeals*”

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Flying - not driving - but the sentiments are the same *squeals*

diplomatic_diva 1 Dec 2013

Well, it is Crimbo season after all

ChristianHughes 9 Dec 2011

because it's Xmas and i'm driving. merry Xmas everybody!

jjberkhardt 26 Dec 2014

Because that's me that is. Later on today. And because it's Radio Roundabout and I'm hoping Ben will play it.

jaggeree 19 Dec 2014

Time to start with the #Christmas jams!   2

Goony 11 Dec 2014

There's so many great Christmas songs, but I think this is my all-time favourite. I love the intro to this; it's really uplifting and starts the song off perfectly. I've always loved Chris' voice. Mum used to play his Road To Hell album, often in the car, on the way to primary school, back in the day and her music tastes brushed off onto me. That's not at all to say that Mum is a mega fan of metal like me! I wish she was! :D She's into the soft rock stuff and that's what I was into before getting into the heavier stuff. :)   3

robyncullwick 19 Dec 2013