Name Your Poison by Christopher Lee


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Christopher Lee had a great singing voice. RIP to a genuine legend...

whysospurious 11 Jun 2015

Dude could spin thespian gold from utter crap. RIP Christopher Lee.   1

ThatWeissGuy 11 Jun 2015

I just learned of the passing of yet another great master entertainer. By now you probably have too. Christopher Lee. Younger ppl may honor him by playing his more recent respectable heavy metal efforts. They discovered him as Count Dooku in the Star Wars prequels and Saruman in the Lord of the Rings franchise, but before that he was Dracula, Francisco Scaramanga, and many other villains. He typifies the "man you love to hate" cliche. Cuz we really hated him and we really love him at the same time. Deep down though, Sir Lee (knighted by THE Queen of England don't forget) was just a song and dance man, like Tim Curry or Leonard Nimoy or Andy Kaufman. Be it opera or metal or novelty pop, he just loved to make us laugh and cry and all the things actors and singers and philanthropists want to stir in their fellow travelers on this space ship we call Earth. Thank you Mister Midnight. Rest in peace, sir. My next shot of fruit addled vodka will be to your memory. Let's drink.   2

ZachsMind 11 Jun 2015