The Bloody Verdict of Verden by Christopher Lee


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registradus 11 Jun 2015

"I shed the blood of the Saxon men"

GavinDoig 21 Mar 2014

My new jam is "The Bloody Verdict of Verden" by Christopher Lee. R.I.P.

omara 11 Jun 2015

One of my favourite things about Sir Christopher Lee's later career was the two symphonic metal concept albums he made about his ancestor King Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor.

KevCarney 12 Jun 2015

RIP Christopher Lee :( Not only were you the Master of Hammer Horror..Apparently...He was a master of Gothic/Power/Progressive Metal as well (As the video shows)...Though he was mainly known for his roles as Dracula...The man was much more than that....   1

Aria51 11 Jun 2015

RIP.   2

kierongillen 11 Jun 2015