I Want Your Love by Chromatics

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Five years late to the party, but better late than never.

adamkangas 24 Apr 2012

it's almost spring, so close i can taste it. purim and holi and crossing from one part to another, yes. can be dangerous--the cruelest month is coming &c., the way if you've been too depressed to do anything self-destructive you might get just enough energy soon to do so, and the disjointedness you can feel if blooming happens all around you but not in you--but the past 5 or so have been really good for me, so good they almost make winter death worth it. keep texting R all this week about eating his face and jumping his bones, sailing across a sun-filled room once more on a bed on wheels. "i was a boy/i was a girl...i'll be a boy/i'll be a girl"

ifjuly 3 Mar 2015

crying 96 tears

marelitecolor 11 Apr 2013

one of my favourite bands - think New Order crossed with the XX, but way better than the XX - enjoy

justjoe 26 Sep 2012