Bela Lugosi's Dead by CHVRCHES


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hadyngreen 16 Oct 2014

I've heard Bauhaus' original in The Hunger but I like Chvrch's cover from Vampire Academy better...

abirex 27 Feb 2015

More Sacred Cows . . . "You can't cover this!" I hear people of a certain age cry . . . "You bloody can!", I counter. It took a couple of listens, I'll be honest, but it is rather brilliant . . . and Chvrches are bloody magnificent anyway . . . .

attacksquid 22 Nov 2014

No doubt enraging old goths everywhere with this cover. It's ace.   6

McKelvie 28 Jan 2014

undead undead undead

gameradamerung 17 Nov 2014

interesting take by Churches on Bauhaus's Bela Lugosi's Dead, more uptempo and pop friendly   1

shaunrh 16 May 2015