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I do rather adore revivalist synth pop - an updated Altered Images if you will   2

tomdwilly 12 Jan 2014

You had better run from me With everything you own Cause I am gonna come for you With all that I have You better run, you better run so Hide, hide I have burned your bridges Now I'll be a gun And it's you I’ll come for Hide hide never felt so easy I will be a gun And it's you I'll come for (I know the feeling)

llaith 4 Feb 2015

#goodsong #toots

amanwithnobats 19 Aug 2015

This has been knocking around my head all week, which isn't bad at all.

Regensbloggerin 16 Feb 2015

You had better run from me

JoshGatti 18 Dec 2014

i will be a gun / and it's you i come for

dominikus 24 Sep 2013