Strong Hand by CHVRCHES


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When the pressure's building for a great white hope do you give up the things that you love? and the pressure's building till it takes you whole can you go back on your own word?

ellen11 6 Mar 2015

Basically, continuing my love of @CHVRCHES, the new track, "Strong Hands" is awesome. #ThisIsMyJam

ericmackay 18 Jun 2013

This is the best unofficial video ever, surely?   2

Olimite 27 Mar 2014

Have had this running in and out of my mind these past couple of weeks - It's definitely got something!   4

hussamkwai 27 Nov 2013

An upbeat song that helped me survive the hurt-feet walk home; it lives in my head now #ThisismyJam #Chvrches

Pixaling 30 Sep 2014

Tonight! My 2nd @Chvrches gig! This time they have even have lights and stuff!! :D

stld 2 Jun 2014