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The fact they had a new album out this year completely surprised me.

kingstontown 17 Mar 2014

I love me some Cibo Matto. The perfect balance of art, swagger and good old-fashioned mucking about.

crawtonleek 5 Jan 2015

"don't tell me what to do, I'm a ghost, don't throw the fucking oyster shells at me". I wanted to choose "Lobby" but I guess I can't

japanfann 22 Feb 2014

NPR made Cibo Matto's first album in 12 years available for streaming the other day, and I likes. I likes much. And is anything cuter than Miho Hatori's voice?   5

missiscariot 5 Feb 2014

Miho Hatori, straight out of purgatory!

M_Dissolvo 11 Mar 2014

Sound the amazing alarm: Cibo Matto are back! Their first album since the 90's is announced for next year.

daftmonk 16 Dec 2013