Sugar Water by Cibo Matto

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It's #SummerSonic #Tokyo this weekend! I first heard this song more than half my life ago, that doesn't seem like it can be true somehow

emageddon 13 Aug 2014

Good stuff!

icelandelf 11 Oct 2014

What a strange, wonderful video this is! Love the whole "Viva! La Woman" album ("Birthday Cake" is off the chain, as Mel B would say), but this track stands out for me cause the band performed it on my all-time favorite TV show. You know, the one with the vampire slayer named Buffy?   5

waynechapman44 25 Aug 2015

this will always be my jam forever and ever

ArloLevin 13 Dec 2012

Seeing them live tomorrow for the first time in 13 years and seriously excited about it.

WillDoThisLater 29 Oct 2014

One of the absolute best songs ever made.

DrMartin 9 Sep 2015