Rather Be Feat. Jess Glynne by Clean Bandit

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I'm 18 months late but this is 🙌🙌🙌

rjmacreadys 1 Jun 2015

A little bit of summer pop in winter.

duncfair 17 Feb 2015

It's the violin.

kirstiela 9 Feb 2015

I've returned from a life-altering trip (aren't they all, really?) to Hungary. Hungary has a beautiful beat. A smile through the pain cheer and sexy shrug. It's something I sensed only as it was about to leave me and even then I couldn't configure any of it into a name. I was jet lagged the entire month. Strange, I guess, for a 25 year old woman. Or not at all if you consider I survived on 4 hours of sleep a "night." My body didn't have any sensible clock and I'm grateful for it. I discovered this song in a Budapest hotel on one of those time exempt nights. We'd been talking and walking the whole day in any direction our bodies led us, frequently succumbing to our stomachs' desires. All of the television stations had Hungarian shooting out of the speakers except for the music channel. The song followed me throughout the remainder of my trip and all the way home to Canada. And now it's yours. x   8

maksuud 13 May 2014

a bit late I'm afraid... as always   1

caringiscreepy 6 May 2014

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QMagazine 27 Feb 2014