Musette and Drums by Cocteau Twins


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Their best track from their most interesting album 'Head Over Heels' Explosive, Dynamic & Passionate   2

StevoMusicMan 17 Feb 2013

Iba a poner algo sentimental en Facebook, pero como luego me arrepiento mejor pongo una canciĆ³n.

rcasasverde 14 Jul 2013

Day 2 of the Peel tribute. In 1983, whilst the world fell in utter love with Stephen Patrick and his friends, I discovered Elizabeth Fraser. Late to the party, I admit, but I was forever seduced. I think Peel listeners were divided into two camps by this you loved one, or the other more. The Festive 50 votes for the next couple of years would definitely seem to bear this out. Chosen because this is possibly the most violent sounding track they ever made.

djbidup 22 Oct 2013

Will never NOT be my jam.....

Plaslaiko 9 Feb 2012

I can't handle 2013 any more jam-wise, it's all just too much. Retreating 30 years in a fugue state to 1983 instead. Ah, that's better...   8

thesunneversets 19 Sep 2013

It just is IT!

SeanLockley 25 Aug 2012