Pink Orange Red by Cocteau Twins

“Goose bumps.....”

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Goose bumps.....

PartyTearsFew 12 Jan 2013

#Every4ADReleaseInChronologicalOrder Part 88. Okay, so we're on a clock now. Not sure I can get up to the present day by September, but PIXIES OR BUST!   6

thesunneversets 10 Aug 2015

I heard it recently in Polish movie "Nieulotne" ("Lasting").   1

jullicanif 6 Mar 2013

It's Fall, which means it's time to start cracking out the 80's chill/goth tunes.

Chris_Langford 9 Sep 2013

It's always a great day when one is listening to the Cocteau Twins. Also watch through, there's great vintage bits from the UK Telly show The Tube from 1985.

gmrstudios 16 Jan 2014