Sugar Hiccup by Cocteau Twins

“this song makes me so haaaaappy.”

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this song makes me so haaaaappy.

ubunoir 27 May 2015

#Every4ADReleaseInChronologicalOrder Part 65. As 1983 draws to a close Cocteau Twins have basically taken over the label...   2

thesunneversets 1 Mar 2015

The wonderful Elizabeth Fraser! #AlternativeLadiesWeek   10

abigail.deeks 22 Jul 2015

Dreamy delight! Soundtrack 2 my dreams! Perfect bedtime music !   3

Oldy86 21 Oct 2012

It's my Jamiversary! This was to be my inaugural jam, but I got sidetracked. So finally, here it is...   21

AlicejustMay 24 Jan 2013

I never good figure out what Elizabeth Fraser was singing about in her songs.....from Grangemouth, Scotland. Certainly not native tongue that I am familiar with.....Cocteau Twins....some beautiful compilations...."Sugar Hiccup" is one of them.....   3

fraserclaymore 25 May 2015