Everything's Not Lost / Life Is for Living by Coldplay

“Well, all my friends jammers. The end is incoming. Many friends around the world with a very simple thing in common: The Music. Many wonderfull jams of all kinds, different countries and different eras. So many people which have discovered new themes for me and remembered me another old themes almost forgotten. Thank you very much to all you, fantastic jammers. Specially @natyblooming @MyBlueElephant @melissapulo @oneeverytwo @thisismymistake @caronline @dutchbeeblebrox @lynn200 @colinflynn28 @florencevibert @shme @BladeRunner @soorajsoman @leejohnson @roamin @Brownpants and the rest of jammers who have shared your music with all of us. And thank you very much to Matt and Han to have created this fantastic musical social network more than two years ago. Really nice to meet you all. This Is My Last Jam: "Everything Is Not Lost", cause there's life beyond TIMJ. You can find me and follow me on Let's Loop to continue this relationship: http://www.letsloop.com/es/McRaul55 See u there! ;)”

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