Caroline Goodbye by Colin Blunstone

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In a parallel universe, Volume 3 of 'Thom Bell produces Colin Blunstone' sells its millionth copy

jsmla54 3 May 2013

As much as I love the best of his Zombies output, this is my favorite Colin Blunstone sung track.

bclaymoore 24 Jun 2015

Well, this is such a long forgotten song but brilliant nonetheless. Colin Blundstone (from the Zombies) has a superbly delicate voice and really delivers here. Enjoy!   1

timmydidge 16 Jan 2015

The purest voice in pop. Written about Blunstone's break-up with Caroline Munro (Google will tell you more)

sirterence 16 Feb 2012

Such an amazing voice. Shame hardly anyone bought his records

obadiah99 25 Jan 2013

Not one of his more well known efforts but this is great in my opinion. Haunting.   3

obadiah99 28 Nov 2014