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registradus 24 Jul 2013

Just watched Drive, and I can't get enough of this song/soundtrack. #ruby   1

Gaultian 16 Sep 2013


edclarke 24 Aug 2013

Turn it up and step on it.

fillyflow 23 Apr 2015

From Drive, which was recently rescored by the BBC in the UK. I quite enjoyed the rescore (which featured the fantastic Jon Hopkins and the mediocre at best Bastille, so a mixed bag really), but imo it doesn't hold a candle to the original. If I had to rescore the film, I'd have to favour old school dark disco, more stuff along the lines of New Order, but that's just me. If u haven't seen Drive, it's a real must watch. And this track closes the film off perfectly   1

justjoe 28 Nov 2014

This week, I've been feeling oddly nostalgic for America and also more ready to accept defeat than I've ever been.

casements 20 Jan 2015