It's Choade My Dear by Connan Mockasin


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but gideon was first  

Chill out. Strange distorted vocals that somehow sound magically enchanted!

hannacelina 1 May 2014

Forgot this, was reminded by the Youngs. It's dreadful, where did it come from, it's so good.   1

Chichibio 4 May 2015

All I ask is once again.   1

bircedidar 29 Sep 2014 falling down the rabbit hole to find Nirvana and MGMT jamming with the Cheshire Cat on vocals...

walt.brown 23 Mar 2012

"how about you take YOUR shirt off" - connan last night to an excited fan   8

solveigo 29 Jan 2014

Only discovered him recently... the album, Forever Dolphin Love, is sublime. Be interesting to see if I have any random dreams again tonight about game show hosts and Flipper. And if anyone admits to being on, say, Countdown, I'm going to invest in a crystal ball & start a sideline as a psychic.   16

AlicejustMay 14 Sep 2013