6 A.M. Jullandar Shere by Cornershop

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but mwackett was first  

"in these days of the 20th century, we seem to have many leaders. let us have faith in truth, whomever we believe in, and let us live as one." Brothers and sisters, we are speaking of the true way. Some people say that the right way is simply for the purpose of getting to heaven But the right way is not just for the purpose of going to heaven Everyone should consider this path & truth The right way is different for different people Let us live in union - then we all win, ...   11

kemiladashdot 27 Feb 2014

The very first song I heard on arrival at what became my favourite club in Hamburg, Kir, in 1995. Hypnoriffic!

whereismyquiz 24 May 2012

Heard this while listening to the Joe Strummer radio show recently (circa 1998) - the man's musical tastes are legendary, this is a cool example.

gtoole89 28 Jun 2013

Tell of your hurting, my beloved. They say, "tell me about your sorrows, my beloved".

OnlySimonLucas 2 Mar 2015


jennifersilver 30 Mar 2015

Thanks @bottle_bohemia for reminding me how great Cornershop are.

thjmay 18 Apr 2014