Love This by Cosmo Jarvis

“I really do love this more than supposed rewards”

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I really do love this more than supposed rewards

michaelhew 14 Dec 2014

Cosmo Jarvis is back and he's a devil.

rolhirst 28 Jul 2012

I'm only human, I watch stories on TV, they give me an ending when an ending's all I need.   1

howoregonderful 1 Apr 2013

love this

nickyfranc 11 Mar 2013

How come every man ain't good? If it happened overnight would you retire if you could? If I believe in heaven I deny myself a death. Dying keeps my conscious of the way I waste my breath. You don't know how much I love this.   1

wertler 30 Nov 2013

I enjoy this song because it is catchy, yet thought-provoking.

ully 26 Dec 2012