Depreston by Courtney Barnett


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Really looking forward to her new album next year.

dylanw 14 Dec 2014

CB really has a way of making the prosaic seem poetic. Love this, and her laconic vocal & phrasing work perfectly here.

markcmphillips 21 Jul 2015

House-hunting in Australian suburbia never sounded so wistful...   1

TBBYNH 25 Mar 2015

My Last Jam

evankindley 6 Sep 2015

June gloom has me like...

jdeleven 2 Jul 2015

#CourtneyBarnett's #SometimesISitAndThinkAndSometimesIJustSit is probably my favorite album of 2015, at least so far... :)   6

rvleonard 18 Jul 2015