Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party by Courtney Barnett

“Love this song and the album. She's just amazing! #LastJams #LongLiveTheJams #JamTillTheEnd #ThanksTIMJ

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Love this song and the album. She's just amazing! #LastJams #LongLiveTheJams #JamTillTheEnd #ThanksTIMJ

dorothywasright 25 Aug 2015

perfect dilemma!

rosaliestactics 13 Sep 2015

'I wanna go out but I wanna stay home'. Pretty much how I feel before every gig I go to. Nevertheless, Courtney and the band were-a-rockin' on Friday night :D   3

lukestevo26 3 Apr 2015

New Video from the Oz One.   3

markwakeley 21 Aug 2015

Current vote for this year's best great song with an amusingly long/awesome title

blakegli 8 Apr 2015

An apt, concise summation of social anxiety. I'd like to dedicate the song's title to all of Courtney's many fans in my FB feed.

erroneousbosch 22 Mar 2015