Lookin' Out My Back Door by Creedence Clearwater Revival

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but SergeBoogski was first  

Well this video I chosen randomly. But the song itself well when I was shuffling through my mp3 player today and I listened to it... And thought damn this song is so for me today.... Well even if lyrics are kinda simple I found the meaning to it in my own way. Because I was struggling with my education...and I thought that decision was like I am looking out through the backdoor....   13

arnbo1d 1 Sep 2014

apparently they peed on his rug   13

d0minic 11 Jul 2013

Bother me tomorrow, Today I find no sorrow...

callekid 17 Nov 2014

For no reason, this tune just works with the sunshine. #abide   3

pocketbeatnik 23 Jun 2014