Not In Love (ft. Robert Smith) by Crystal Castles

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We were lovers, now we can't be friends. Fascination ends. Here we go again.

naomi_urch 10 Dec 2012

1st let's start out by saying it's Robert fucking Smith. 2nd crystal castle. So that should be enough but when you listen to it, it's magic...magic I tell you. I never listen to this song once. There use to be a video on you tube with scenes from 'eternal sunshine' and it with the music was emotional. This is in my top 5 songs of all time.

bohemianwifey 16 Sep 2014

Crystal Castles is an experimental electronic band formed in 2004 in Toronto consisting of producer Ethan Kath and vocalist Alice Glass. The duo is known for their chaotic live shows and lo-fi melancholic homemade productions. They released many limited vinyl EPs between 2006 and 2007.

michael_d_wynn 5 Feb 2014

I love every bit of this song. Robert Smith needs to be the voice of more electronic music. Everything shouts upbeat, but key, words and beat are all down.

frankles 4 Apr 2014

There are no words to tell you how much I'm in love with Robert Smith. Elation bottled.

Carachan1 8 Dec 2011

#witchhouse revival time. Because -  it's cold outside.

joeri 14 Sep 2014