Blink and You'll Miss a Revolution by Cut Copy

dropdownsmiling’s jam on 2 May ’12 and then once after that (See all)

“Back on cut copy, cant get enough of this album.”

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Back on cut copy, cant get enough of this album.   3

dropdownsmiling 9 Oct 2013

It's my Monday Jam!

icelandelf 20 Aug 2012

Sadly a shorter and not that great version of the ace Cut Copy song, but that one got an amazing video...

thischarmingman 10 Jan 2012

cut copy - tonight!!! my most played song of 2011 ♥

kkstina 15 Nov 2013

Mike: Chorus has been stuck in my head the background riff instantly puts me in a good mood, Vids awesome too.

dropdownsmiling 2 May 2012