Digital Love by Daft Punk

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but johnpisciotta was first  

This is stuck in my head right now, happy face!!

rherron 28 Jun 2013

Laser guitars > everything else.   1

PurpleMFTW 30 Jul 2015

Summer song # 2 :-)

eddykemp 7 Jul 2013

Adding this just to make it my Eternal Jam before This Is My Jam is archived.

brianadammccune 16 Aug 2015

All through September, it's Brighton Digital Festival #BDF2013

rifa 17 Sep 2013

As I've mentioned before, Daft Punk's Discovery is my favorite techno album ever (also in contention is their live album Alive 2007). This is only my second favorite song on the album (after the gloriously symphonic Verdis Quo), but rights are a bitch on here. The video is from Daft Punk's ASTOUNDING film collaboration with Leiji Matsumoto (of Space Battleship Yamoto fame), Interstella 5555.

lifeless1 10 Sep 2015