Give life back to music by Daft Punk

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They gave life back to disco...

mifan86 16 Feb 2014


lolshin 14 May 2013

Turns out the Grammys and I have similar tastes. Congrats to Daft Punk for winning Album of the Year! #musicmonday

jorojoserojas 27 Jan 2014

My number one album of 2013... really, was there any doubt? Daft Punk, "Random Access Memories". After the disappointment that was "Human After All", I was hoping that the new album would be a return to form -- but I don't think anyone was expecting the French duo to craft an organic long-form love letter to the disco and R&B sounds of the late 70s and early 80s. Even more impressively, do it without using their stock trick of sampling and cutting everything. Using an honest-to-goodness cadre of live session musicians including the inimitable Nile Rodgers amongst others, they put out a bonafide masterpiece, one that I have no doubt will stand the test of time as their strongest offering. Here's to you, 2013... the year Daft Punk gave life back to music.

S1ckH4nds 2 Jan 2014

This video is incredible.

Joseph_Nistal 2 Apr 2014

A lovely little piece of neon-soul. The most non-Avalanches Avalanches song ever written.

bearsurprise 22 May 2013