Lose Yourself To Dance (feat. Pharrell Williams) by Daft Punk

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Nile Rodgers, Nathan East on awesome bass and HRH John Robinson on drums. What could possibly be funkier? This is what the word 'groove' was invented for.

niallb1 14 Dec 2013

Dancing to Daft Punk at Burning Man 2013

apollohelios 10 Feb 2014

ah the 70s vibe--kinda makes you proud to be born in the 70s

Ambergrindstaff 25 Jun 2013

Work like you don't need money Love like you've never been hurt Dance like nobody is watching. DANCE SUCKA !!

TheQuiet3Storm 18 May 2014

Hardwood floors, socks, and an overbite.

jshr 10 Feb 2015


biiigriiig 15 May 2013