The Game of Love by Daft Punk

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but adoginawig was first  

Was schooled in 2013, but I'm a quick learner so look out. Last #daftpunk for the year.

t 31 Dec 2013

Me, I just wanted you to stay ~

fromthistles 23 Jan 2014

I looked in my CD collection for something mellow. I picked this album and put this song on.

olympicmew 29 Sep 2014

The organ and vocoder are just incredible! Awesome bass line too! Can't get this out of my head!   1

invoke 3 Sep 2013

Running out of days left in the year for this album to fall off my top spot. I don't think it's happening any time soon.

S1ckH4nds 2 Dec 2013

Let's go for a drive. Cause there is a gaaaaaaaaame of lovvvvvvv...   4

flaneur 9 Jun 2013