Silver Timothy by Damien Jurado

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sunraw 18 Nov 2013

A tad psychedelic. I like psychedelic and psychedelia, it psyches me out.

IamSamRutter 28 Jan 2015

LOVE this guy!

onelovepictures 30 Aug 2015

First saw this Seattle favourite with @StillHonest1 getting on for 15 years ago. This is from his forthcoming album. He's just getting better.   7

simonp 10 Dec 2013

Takes you away for a daydream and head massage #silvertimothy #damienjurado

craftydub 6 Mar 2015

I see this on a mix with like that specific type of 60s, 70s music - like "Time of the Season" by the Zombies or…well I'll know it when I hear it, but also Bill Callahan and Leonard Cohen, maybe I can figure out how to properly place some Nina Simone, etc.   2

bingsy22 18 May 2014