Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Fogelberg


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Keeping the holidays going for an extra week

tmiale 2 Jan 2012

Here's to a good 2014, and hopefully an even better #2015 ! #DanFogelberg #SameAuldLangSyne

deejay 31 Dec 2014

Happy New Year for those who still carry their broken heart all these years, hoping it would magically mend....

CliveMcNeil 2 Jan 2014

Holiday Songs That Don't Suck #8: I'm ending the series with this one because it makes me cry every time.

OneOfSwords 24 Dec 2013

Happy New Year!

rdprice64 29 Dec 2014

my once a new year trek through melancholy   4

peterh07 28 Dec 2013