Five Years by David Bowie

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kierongillen 30 Dec 2013

Five years left to sigh in.   8

thesunneversets 8 May 2015

OK. #finaljam and #eternaljam time. It was always going to be Bowie I guess, the only dilemma being which one to choose. In my head I still hear the crackle of the needle in the groove of Rise and Fall side 1 track 1. Lots of love to all of the Jammers, and mountains of kudos to @Han and @flaneur for creating the warmest and most welcoming corner of the internet. No criticism, dislikes or flaming. Just a uniquely supportive, informative and fun place to be. What an achievement. I shall be spending a lot of time looking through the archive of this very special place. My brain hurt like a warehouse It had no room to spare I had to cram so many things To store everything in there   10

Fullam 25 Sep 2015

"Earth was really dying"   1

JoyrexJ9 10 Aug 2015

The last album in my teenage top ten is "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" from 1972 by David Bowie. this is the first track.   18

Axol 7 Sep 2014

"My brain hurts a lot..." #GE15   1

sricketts1 8 May 2015