Life On Mars? by David Bowie


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@BertrandRustles suggested #GlamWeek -which will no doubt please @leejohnson and others - so I'm kicking off with a HUGE favourite... Glam Up you lot!   23

MsSue 2 Sep 2013


andykhouri 25 Apr 2013

One more Bowie jam before I go. This is one of those songs that I will always remember hearing for the first time and having to pause in the moment because it caught me so off guard. Classic. Timeless. Magic.#FarewellTIMJ

neko3usagi 18 Sep 2015

#FaveJams #JamItIfYaGotIt #JammingOnwards #NoSuchThingAsGoodbyeOnlySeeYaLater this tune always brings a lump in my throat...   13

timeisnow 19 Sep 2015

God's on the phone... (See comments!)   35

stevefawcett 27 Aug 2015

Cut-up lyrics. Sophisticated arrangements. An inspiration as appeared out of nowhere. Life on Mars? is not only a genuine diamond of inspiration and poetry but yet the perfect incarnation of what Bowie is and what his Art is about...   2

JeromeRiguidel 8 Apr 2015