Life on Mars? by David Bowie

thebibliovore’s jam on 6 Sep ’13 and then once after that (See all)

“Final jam, I think.”

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Final jam, I think.   1

thebibliovore 20 Aug 2015

@BertrandRustles suggested #GlamWeek -which will no doubt please @leejohnson and others - so I'm kicking off with a HUGE favourite... Glam Up you lot!   23

MsSue 2 Sep 2013

Went to the David Bowie Is exhibit and got hooked again on this venti jam again =^]   3

froufroufoxes 22 Dec 2014


andykhouri 25 Apr 2013

The man just so happens to celebrate his 67th birthday today, but I happened to delve into his early '70s material this week - and loved it!   4

roydesmet 8 Jan 2014

God's on the phone... (See comments!)   34

stevefawcett 27 Aug 2015