Little Wonder by David Bowie

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My First David

theseantcollins 8 Jan 2013

Hey, remember that time Bowie went "jungle"? That was way better than it should have been, eh...   1

alexcornetto 15 Mar 2013

I wasn't really a fan of David's when I was a kid in the eighties. I still don't like China Girl or Let's Dance and back then I didn't have the eclectic taste in music I have now. I am fascinated with him now...always loved Labyrinth but now I'm watching everything I can on him and he's so interesting...and funny!!!

abirex 13 May 2014

Hadn't heard it before today, a 90's rock song as only, and with riffs that only Bowie could pull off... and that's with high levels of kooky, badass style. <3

JoshKeelingetc 6 Aug 2013

I'd like to dedicate this song to me.

blunderbussed 12 Mar 2015

one last jam from 1997. The short-awaited day comes tomorrow.   3

hirziify 25 Sep 2013