Sound and Vision by David Bowie

“Happy International Bowie Day!”

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Happy International Bowie Day!   1

jason1749 13 Nov 2013

Well, it's Bowie. Nuff said.

katylindemann 22 Jul 2015

"Low" by David Bowie is at #87 in my all time album list, and this track has one of best bass lines on any song ever!   3

obadiah99 25 Feb 2015

As good a reason as any to get my Bowie jam ratio up to its proper levels. #bowieloveday   4

robbfritz 8 Jan 2013

There is something so joyful about this song.   15

ShortCurator 2 Sep 2013

It varies from week to week but I do think this may be from my favourite Bowie album #LongLiveTheJams #ThanksTIMJ   26

BertrandRustles 24 Aug 2015