Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) by David Bowie

“New Bowie, "Nothing has changed".”

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New Bowie, "Nothing has changed".

dascoisasbreves 13 Oct 2014

Bowie's highly-anticipated new single that premiered on BBC Radio not too long ago. Both he and the Maria Schneider Orchestra are so at the top of their game here that the track might as well be a duet between the two of them.   1

Enish 12 Oct 2014

David Bowie seems to be channeling a bit of Sun Ra and/or Ornette Colman on his new material it seems. Which is great!   2

Brownpants 13 Oct 2014

Three days of Bowie countdown begins. Day one: new Bowie as of November 2014.

gmrstudios 6 Jan 2015

Haven't heard Bowie this adventurous in a while. A bit of Sinatra, a lot of Jazz and all somehow very much Bowie.

TheDreamingGoat 12 Oct 2014

I keep pretending this single exists in the 1. Outside universe even though Bowie has probably forgotten he even had that idea because I am the worst.

uglymachine 28 Nov 2014