Wild Is the Wind by David Bowie

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And just one more jam from Bowie... not penned of course by him. Originally performed by Johnny Mathias, and famously by Nina Simone. The interesting thing about this jam is incredibly sad it sounds – but the lyrics are really a most beautiful love song. Perhaps it underscores a truth about Tragic Beauty: that love and all things perfect and wonderful are best understood and appreciated within the context of despair.   1

TragicBeauty 27 Nov 2014

Oh, Bowie ❤️

marie_says 18 Jan 2015

Wild is the wind tonight. One of my favourites of his.   1

edclarke 23 Mar 2013

Probably maybe my favourite take on this song. Beautiful.   5

MotherFist 20 Jun 2015

For we're like creatures of the wind And wild is the wind, wild is the wind

abhean13 16 Jun 2015

The greatest love song ever made. Have a lovely weekend folks.   17

Bukowski 13 Feb 2015