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but npseaver was first  

I've been reminded this week just how in awe I was, and am, of that beautiful transition DB made from Halloween Jack and Diamond Dogs to the lush white soul of Young Americans. YT version here if this is blocked for you   12

BertrandRustles 16 Jan 2015

i can't remember who posted this last week but THANK U FOR SAVING MY LIFE   4

sideponytail 30 Jul 2015


npseaver 19 Dec 2011

Young Americans / 1975 #667

mondosalvo 17 Jul 2015

'Someone like you should not be allowed / To start any fires' (the sax!)

nd_kane 27 May 2015

So pleased he's back. Will leave it to others to post the new song, but here's a classic from the past.   3

vintage 8 Jan 2013