Young Americans by David Bowie

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McKelvie 13 Nov 2012

Right in the middle of feeling down in the dumps about a number of things, this song came on the radio and cheered me the **** up. So I guess I can truly say... (brace yourselves)... last night a DJ* saved my life.   6

stevefawcett 8 May 2015

Track Of The Day (David Bowie week):   2

QMagazine 3 Mar 2013

Happy #internationalbowieday everyone! (Now, with bonus Miss America art!)

TeamJamPicks 13 Nov 2012

This song usually means that I'll be getting down later that night. F'real.

adogover 9 Mar 2012

Breaking the 20-year-old albums series, as Bowie's best album reaches its 40th. Keep an eye out for Luther Vandross having the time of his life #alllllllnight   2

furlongthedog 4 Mar 2015