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nynexrepublic 19 Nov 2014

And definitely don't put your apostrophes in the wrong place #TakeMyAdviceWeek   5

DavidShepherd 20 Jan 2015

Just came up on shuffle. Dark sense of humour maybe, but I laugh every time I hear it. "Don'ts" ...   2

maboa 2 Sep 2014

Don’t be dared to do dangerous things by people with missing limbs   1

twrhalliday 27 Jan 2014

gonny no and dinnae... an early entrant for #funkyfriday   2

bignonioides 9 Jan 2014

"Don't put your nephew in the microwave, Don't summon demons with a ouija board, Don't try to make new holes in your belt while you're still wearing it."   1

rotedesign 7 Dec 2013