Red Guitar by David Sylvian


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Almost 50. Jam n°20 :1984. From David Sylvian's debut album Brilliant Trees. One of the first videos directed by photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn.   2

aldusd 23 Mar 2014

the smarter man's Simon LeBon sings

BenMech 13 Jan 2013

From David's debut solo album "Brilliant Trees". #flyingsolo   12

Astromonkey 31 Mar 2015

Another great video by Anton Corbijn, inspired by and featuring Angus McBean. Sylvian is as haunting as always

ncplewis 17 Feb 2013

I find myself going back to 80s music, more than I ever thought. I see my fellow Jamma' @christineb is also immersed in that decade for a time, though at least her selections will be more frequent & consistent, whereas mine will likely culminate in this one for another few weeks, before I find the strength from within, to bother my arse posting again. Now I was never a big Japan person. '78-'81 held different musical attractions for me. Somehow, I just didn't buy into their style. When this (his biggest solo single success) was released in '84, I was in my 'dancin' phase & although this wee number is hardly shaped for moves, it has something else altogether. Moodiness & darkness. Two of my best features in fact. It remains the only piece of Mr Sylvian's music I own, despite having listened to many examples of his multi-faceted solo exploits. This vid & toon are wondrous & yes, he is rather too handsome in it...not that I'm at all jealous...   35

21schizoid 23 Jun 2014