The Magic Number by De La Soul

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Everybody wants to be a DJ, everybody wants to be an MC, but being speakers are the best and you don't have to guess...

chaffro 22 Sep 2014

I'm very surprised not a lot of people have heard of them. "3 Feet High and Rising" is an amazing album.

nicolauacornpro 29 Feb 2012

This album turns 24 next week---it lived for a long time in the tape deck of my old volkswagon.......   2

hilldavids 22 Feb 2013

Had this one stuck in my head all day Monday. #whatdoesitallmean

chef_parks 28 Oct 2014

Because 3? It's the magic number.   2

pip 3 Oct 2013

Kickin it old school, yo.

hieran 24 Nov 2013