California Uber Alles by Dead Kennedys


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@autresy we übered and allesed in California tonight. Hope you're well -from @nooley and @Electrix   1

nooley 2 May 2015

If you live in the US, this applies to you: Vote, VoTe, voTE, vOTe, VotE, VOte, VOTE! Oh yeah, one more thing. Go VOTE. If not, just enjoy the music.

fladriss 4 Nov 2014

Still f'n relevant

emhubbard77 7 Sep 2015

This is your brain on Tuesday. Also, nine days til California vacation.

inthefade 19 Jun 2012

Forcefully eloquent PUNK!   10

Bukowski 2 Nov 2012

Stone cold, indisputable classic. Those first 25 seconds are pure evil.

JoyrexJ9 15 Jul 2015