California Über Alles by Dead Kennedys

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Stone cold, indisputable classic. Those first 25 seconds are pure evil.

JoyrexJ9 15 Jul 2015

This is your brain on Tuesday. Also, nine days til California vacation.

inthefade 19 Jun 2012

Still f'n relevant

emhubbard77 7 Sep 2015

@autresy we übered and allesed in California tonight. Hope you're well -from @nooley and @Electrix   1

nooley 2 May 2015

#punkweek - thx to @kingofmen for suggestion   3

mloup 24 Sep 2013

If you live in the US, this applies to you: Vote, VoTe, voTE, vOTe, VotE, VOte, VOTE! Oh yeah, one more thing. Go VOTE. If not, just enjoy the music.

fladriss 4 Nov 2014