Sunbather by Deafheaven

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"Dishonest and ugly through the space in my teeth Break bones down to yellow and crush gums into blood The hardest part for the weak was stroking your fingers with rings full of teeth" Everything about this entire album is, quite frankly, perfect. I have a real soft spot for emotive metal that mixes in elements of shoegaze (think Deftones and the like). I love this album, it's one of my favorites and I believe it will be a favorite for years to come

davidwebb22 2 Jan 2015

Epic melodic black -metal from deafheaven. One of my favorites from last year...

SimonWoerner 15 Dec 2014

Lots of people don't like metal, here's a reason why you should. Intense   1

mjgBZ32 12 Jun 2013


joedge 26 Aug 2015

an epic slice of shoegazer metal

carrotbourke 10 Feb 2014

This week I have been listening to Deafheaven. What a ridiculous, lovely big noise they make.   1

fraserlewry 28 Apr 2014